Automate Your Real Estate Marketing, Save Time and Money

Home Value Leads | February 24, 2015 | Marketing

Automate Your Real Estate MarketingIt’s a theme that will never lose presence for real estate agents everywhere: lack of time. In addition to the calls, meetings and scouting you have to do on a weekly basis, where do you squeeze in the real estate marketing?

Real estate marketing such an important part of any agent’s business, but so few agents know how to budget their time toward finding leads or buyers. So the easy solution many times is to just throw money at the problem, often with little ROI.

Fortunately, the very tools that you use that seem to take so much time have ways for you to actually save time and money up front and for the long haul. Here are just a few ways to take more control of your real estate marketing efforts.

Schedule Facebook Posts and Boost Them

Did you know that you can pre-schedule posts on your Facebook business page? Instead of forgetting to write that post only to find that the day has come and gone, create a schedule of timely posts then set and forget them. All you have to do is create a simple spreadsheet with columns for dates, posts and images. Start with a month’s worth. Include listings, motivational quotes for buyers and sellers and tips you have for staging a home for sale, preparing for a sale and your services – all the things you normally do for real estate marketing but keep running out of time to actually do. Add each post as usual, but instead of hitting post, click on the arrow on the “post” button and hit “schedule” instead. Set the date for the post, and you’re done! You can always change your scheduled posts by going to your “Activity” list and editing or re-scheduling them at will.

Boosting your posts will help you gain more traction, too. Whenever you have an important post you want to share with more people, just hit boost, set your price and target demographics, then watch as your likes, shares and exposure grow.

Set Your Emails Ahead of Time

You know there are timely emails you want to send to your email list, so why not make them in bulk then schedule them to go out when you want? Almost every, if not all, email marketing services have an option to schedule your emails ahead of time. This allows you to carefully think of each theme and then know with comfort and confidence that your real estate marketing email will take care of itself and send when you’ve told it to.

Get That Blog Going and Going and Going…

The dreaded blog. You know you need to do it (it’s great for SEO purposes, page ranking and credibility), so set them ahead of time, too. Whenever you have idea, use Siri to speak it into your phone or right it in an email to yourself. Then, when you have a bunch of good posts, copy them into your blog, refine them then schedule them to go out frequently. You can set it for once a week, every two weeks or every other day if you’d like to.

So many items can eat into your time each and every day, but real estate marketing should never be moved to the back burner. These are just a couple of ways that you can automate your real estate marketing processes so that your message will reach your target audience at the right time, not just when you have time. What other real estate marketing processes can be automated? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!

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