2 Real Estate Video Apps to Know Now

Renae Virata | October 14, 2016 | Marketing, Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

2 Real Estate Video Apps to Know NowThe real estate industry is getting a real boost in video marketing technology these days. It’s great to see that when a new concept takes flight and gains speed, agents can benefit quickly, thanks to companies specifically targeting them. In a series of posts focused on new online marketing tools, we will begin by showcasing two apps on the rise that will make your video marketing more exciting.


A virtual reality home tour in less than ten minutes?! That’s what the creators of transported.co promise right on the homepage of their website. Virtual reality, or VR, is getting some press of late for it’s ability to bring some life to many experiences, including real estate home tours.

You can sign up for free beta access on their website, since it is a relatively new offering. You can also check out the video on their homepage to get a feel for how your VR video could look like.

How does it work? First, you need a VR camera. A number of affordable ones are on the market now with more on the way. Once you upload the footage, you name rooms, and highlight the property’s best features. Transported’s team will pull the MLS information for you to complete your video.

With one click, you can then publish your video to popular headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Sony Playstation, Samsung Gear, and the web. If buyers don’t have a headset, they can come to your office to see as many VR listing videos that you have created with the headset that Transported provides for you. A great way to get potential clients into your office!

You can host walkthroughs from the comfort and convenience of your office. And while it’s great to attract buyers, sellers will, of course, love that you offer this unique and cutting-edge technology to help market their properties.


Another video app that you should be on the lookout for is Roof Shoot. The creators of this network-focused app seek “to put the power of video in the palm of every real estate agent’s hands throughout the world.”

How? Using your smartphone, shoot, upload and edit your real estate videos into the Roof Shoot app. The easy-to-use interface doesn’t require you to be a video expert nor a technology guru. You simply follow the instructions on the app. You can even add music to enhance your videos.

Some examples of videos that you can shoot, upload and edit include listings, personal videos and neighborhood-relevant content. Once uploaded to Roof Shoot, you can share the video with the potentially millions of home buyers and home sellers in its network.

For now, Roof Shoot is only offered for the iPhone. You can sign up for a beta version of the app and get ahead of the curve now!

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Renae Virata