Are You a Mobile-Focused Agent?

Renae Virata | October 24, 2016 | Marketing

Are You a Mobile-Focused Agent?You may not think that the real estate industry has anything today with today’s mobile-first world. Jim Marks from PNC Mortgage, who spoke at the California Realtor Expo in Long Beach, California, last September begs to differ.

According to Jim, half of all Internet traffic is mobile. That means that, somewhere in there, real estate leads and, subsequently, your career as a real estate agent is very much a part of it, too.

Don’t think you have to start focusing on mobile? Here are other stats to chew on: on Zillow, 186 homes are viewed per second and two-thirds of all home are viewed on mobile. If you’re convinced, read on for how to make your business more mobile-friendly.

Work Better in a Mobile-First World

The easiest way to anchor your mobile strategy is by becoming as digital as possible. Social media is a great place to start. Think of it as “digital farming.”

Where are your prospects on the Internet? Facebook? Instagram (the fastest growing social network)? Most people on Facebook access it through their phones and Instagram is virtually all mobile. By including them in your overall marketing strategy, you’ll take your first strong steps into your mobile strategy.

Another area to focus on is ensuring that your business is as virtual as possible. As an agent, you are on the go, so having access to your files is key. If you cannot access files, in turn, on your private network, then being on the cloud can help you access those same files anywhere.

Some examples of virtual tools that help make you more mobile-friendly:

  • Gmail Inbox
  • Evernote
  • Slack
  • Lion Desk
  • Buffer
  • Feedly: Real Estate
  • Photoshop Fix

Attract and Impress Mobile Customers

Want to take your social footprint further? There are actually real estate-focused apps that help you, as a agent, connect better with leads and clients, mobile-wise.

Home Spotter is an app that facilitates real conversations via mobile between you and your clients. Instead of texting links on a listing, for example, you and your clients can text slide shows and other parts of a property to communicate more clearly and directly.

If you want to take it even further, Jim suggests creating your own app to “have client control.” Home Spotter, Smarter Agent and HomeStack all offer this. It’s geo-based and branded to your company, so that when a client drives by a house, he or she can get information on the listing and can contact you or your agents through it. Think of it as the Zillow mobile app but without all of the other agents from other brokerages crowding the screen.

Have you thought about how mobile-friendly your website is? Chances are, if someone does a search or checks you out from a newsletter you sent, they are doing so on their phones. So think mobile first!

Jim suggests taking a long, hard look at your website, page by page, on your phone. Ask yourself, would you hire yourself if you saw your website on a phone? Most website themes are responsive, so they adjust to phones automatically.

If you don’t employ a theme through something like WordPress, ask your developer to ensure your website if responsive. At the very least, make your webpages as simple and easy to navigate as possible.

While everything you do might not make you 100 percent a mobile-focused agent, you can take many steps to ensure that you cater to the growing base of mobile leads to grow your business.

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Renae Virata