Agent Guide for Partnering with a Social Media Influencer

Renae Virata | May 19, 2017 | Marketing

Agent Guide for Partnering with a Social Media InfluencerIf you’ve spent any amount of time on social media as a real estate agent, then you may know that it is a great way to advertise your services and drive leads. Have you ever, though, considered the power of social media influencers?

When most people think about social media influencers, they often think of promoting a product through them. Or they may think that it requires an investment of money that can be hard to measure. They may also think it takes a lot of work and time that is not worth the effort.

Real estate agents can actually benefit from the help of social media influencers, too. It doesn’t have to take a lot (or any) money and the benefits can be well worth the effort.

What is a Social Media Influencer?

A social media influencer is a personality on social media who has a high level of credibility among a certain audience, industry or field. They post on a topic regularly and experience a lot of engagement from their followers.

A social media influencer doesn’t have to be in real estate for you as an agent to partner with him or her. Sometimes they don’t even have to have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers for their influence to be effective. They simply need the engagement and an audience that would likely be interested in what you have to share.

How to Identify a Social Media Influencer

As a real estate agent, it’s always good to start as local as possible with partnerships like this. After all, your listings and services are concentrated in a very specific market or area within that market.

Finding someone to align with on social media is not as simple as sending them an email and asking (although if you don’t ask to begin with, you don’t get!). You have to do some pre-work.

By pre-work, we mean doing your due diligence and researching who would be a great fit. Part of that is determining what’s in it for the influencer and making sure they love what you have to offer.

For example, if there is a lifestyle blogger for a particular area and you serve that area, then you could partner with them to provide local real estate tips. It’s a great time to get creative!

Getting Creative with Your Partnership

Start with one influencer and see how it goes. As we mentioned above, you want to provide your influencer partner an incentive to promote what you have to offer. This does not always require money.

Let’s start with what you have. You have listings. Why not collaborate on a unique gathering at one of your listings that can showcase the house and provide a venue for an even for their audience?

You can also provide a tour of one of your listings and allow the influencer to tape it and share. Oftentimes, they are looking for topics and new and exciting things to share. If they are history-focused, perhaps you have a listing that has some historical significance. Or even if it doesn’t, you can talk about the architectural history behind it.

The important thing when working with an influencer is to do some research prior to contacting them to see where you can best align. Be excited about the prospect of working with them and make sure that you give them some creative freedom to determine how to work with you. Then always follow through on your end of the partnership.


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Renae Virata