A to Z Guide to Fall Real Estate Content Ideas (Part III)

Renae Virata | August 21, 2017 | Marketing

A to Z Guide to Fall Real Estate Content Ideas (Part III)In our previous posts, we covered fall real estate content ideas from A to G then H to N. Now, we are ready to cover our final installment of topics from O to Z!

Open House Tips

As the agent, you will be leading the charge on any open houses. However, your clients play a role, too, in making sure that these events go smoothly.

How? By keeping their house neat and organized on a regular basis. You can also share tips with them on how to maintain their homes despite the every day for showings, whether they are planned or last-minute.

Preparing for the Fall and Winter

For current clients, give them ideas on how to prepare their homes for fall. A short list of tips that you can write about include:

  • Cleaning downspouts and gutters that fill up with falling leaves.
  • Give your house a fresh coat of paint while the weather is cooler.
  • Roof maintenance to prepare for winter weather.
  • Fireplace and chimney maintenance.
  • Furnace or heater tips, such as replacing filters and cleaning systems.
  • Window and door seals to keep out cold air and save on energy costs.

Questions from Both Buyers and Sellers

We’ve gone over before having a handy FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website. While we recommend keeping that as evergreen content for sure, we also think having a mini-FAQ in the form of a blog post is good content practice, too.

One way you can get the most content out of your list of questions is to focus on one type of questions. For example, questions that only sellers have when it comes to financing, staging or the basic steps in the process of listing a home. For buyers, you can have a set of questions for each post that cover different areas for them: how you work with them specifically, narrowing down their options and market-specific data.

Running and Other Events in the Area

The fall is a great time to find a plethora of running and other events like festivals and seasonal markets. If the area you cover has a list of these, write about them! You can either put together a list that links to each event and has a short description or focus on a few events that you personally love and have attended and share your experience.

Bonus if you plan to participate in an event or sponsor one. You can then talk more personally about why you have committed to the event, how long you have, your initial attraction to you, etc. All great ways to share local information with your audience and make a connection!

Staging Tips for Fall

Staging is a pretty evergreen topic. To bring a little fall flair to it, you can talk about the latest in fall decor to make the home more attractive to buyers from a seasonal perspective.

If you do some research online, you can find lots of home decorating ideas and include them in your post. Don’t forget to reference each source!


The holiday of fall holidays, Thanksgiving offers a number of different topics you can present on your blog or in your newsletter. Some ideas:

  • Thanksgiving decor for family get togethers
  • Your favorite Thanksgiving recipes
  • How to safeguard your home while your gone for the Thanksgiving holiday

Unique Listings

Who doesn’t love looking at cool listings in their area? If you consistently list your unique listings on your blog, you can give your audience something to look forward to, whether they are looking for a house or not. Every real estate agent has at least a few homes that stand out among their listings. What are yours?

Simply create a post around a property by calling out its most awesome feature. Perhaps one has an insane backyard with a bar and grill area to rival even the coolest local hangout. Or perhaps a house underwent a major overhaul for which you can share the befores and afters. Think about what stood out and excited you about the house when you listed it.

Vacation Preparation

Between Thanksgiving and Fall Break for some families, your leads and clients could be taking a lot of vacation time away from home. Be a great resource for them on how to make sure their house is safe against certain weather conditions, potential unwanted visitors and also how to keep it maintained over a long week (i.e. air flow, water, etc.).

Why Sellers/Buyers Should Work with You

A blog post is a great opportunity for you to share with potential clients, whether buyers or sellers, what you bring to the table. You don’t have to feel like you are bragging. You can simply communicate your passion for real estate. Is it easy to work with you? Why? Do you communicate often? Bullet point out your top five reasons and include a little explanation for each point. Bonus if you can include…

eXcellent Reviews, Testimonials and Stories from Clients

You can use bits and pieces of these to support why buyers and sellers should work with you or make reviews, testimonials and client stories the centerpiece of their own blog posts.

Be sure you have the permission of your clients to include their information. You can also just include their first name last initial if they’d like some anonymity. Even better if you can include a video testimonial and/or an image of your client to make it more personal.

Yucky Weather Precautions

Inclement weather is inevitable during the fall and winter months. Help your potential and current clients prepare for it with a handy tip list. Provide tips on how to autumnize and winterize their homes while saving money in the process.

Some ideas fromĀ Good Housekeeping:

  • Protecting outdoor patios
  • Sealing gaps and cracks in windows and walls
  • Upgrading windows and doors
  • Adding insulation
  • Using heat tape
  • Chimney maintenance
  • Plant care
  • Furnace filters

Zzzz…You Snooze, You Lose

Encourage your clients in a strong seller’s market to pounce on a property they love. If they don’t, then they could lose it! Share your tips with them on what challenges they can potentially face and how to overcome them with your help in order to secure the house of their dreams.

Don’t forget, that with every post, you should share the link on all social media channels and share excerpts and links (get them to that website!) in your newsletters. That way you have all media avenues pointing to your website and, ultimately, more about you and your listings.

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