A to Z Guide to Fall Real Estate Content Ideas (Part I)

Renae Virata | August 16, 2017 | Marketing

A to Z Guide to Fall Real Estate Content Ideas (Part I)Can you believe that summer is winding down? Where did the months go? That means fall is coming and with it specific real estate content to share with your leads and clients.

School is starting for so many families that we thought an appropriate theme would be to provide our top content ideas around real estate in alphabetical order. We’ll start with A to G, follow in our next post with H to N and finally a post covering O to Z.

Autumn Gardening Guide

Fall showcases some of the most beautiful foliage of the year. Homeowners are eager to turn their landscaping over to the brilliance of the season’s bright yellows, oranges and rich browns. Inspire them with a post here and there that covers a variety of autumn gardening topics.

Your first post could be an overview of the latest trends, watering tips and other general information for fall. You can then follow up in subsequent week with blog topics covering flowers and maintenance, for example.

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Back-to-School Safety Tips

It’s an exciting time come late August or early September when school starts back up again. If you have a particular farm that has specific schools, highlight them and their important fall dates then provide back-to-school safety tips.

This can be in the guise of a top ten list. Your list can include walking or biking to school, reminders about school zones and even a map with school zones and alternate routes.

Cleaning Out the House

Every new season inspires a massive clean-up from the season before. With fall, it’s time to clean out the outdoor spaces (clean and store pool accessories and water toys), give the house a good scrub, replace any decor with autumn looks…to name a few.

DIY Around the House

Who doesn’t love a little do-it-yourself project here and there? How-to’s are what every homeowner will look for at least once a year. There’s no better time than fall to start a DIY project.

Here is a short list of ideas for new and seasoned homeowners alike:

  • Painting
  • Power washing
  • Sealing gaps in windows and doors to keep out drafts
  • Cleaning, repairing and protecting gutters

Entertainment and Restaurant Guide

Entertainment and restaurant guides are helpful for both past clients as well as leads considering listings in your farm. By providing a constantly updated list of where to go and where to eat, you will be a true go-to for what’s happening as well as attract new site visitors.

You can even do single posts that focus on a new grand opening or that reviews a restaurant that you’ve recently visited.

Football Tailgate Party

If you’re a big football fan, then share your love of the game with your audience with a few party tips. A focus on how to make an outdoor or even indoor fete a success doesn’t have to be long. You can simply provide a quick list of tips on recipes (don’t forget to link), themes, decor and more.

Garage Sale Guide

Just like cleaning out the house can be cathartic, making one’s trash another’s treasure is a fun activity with the changing of each season. Provide a step-by-step guide for your audience on how to run a garage sale. Include how to organize items, price them and advertise. You can also provide resources who can haul away donated items post-sale.

Don’t forget, that with every post, you should share the link on all social media channels and share excerpts and links (get them to that website!) in your newsletters. That way you have all media avenues pointing to your website and, ultimately, more about you and your listings.

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