7 Ways to Promote Your Home Value Leads Landing Page

Renae | July 2, 2015 | Frequently Asked Questions, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

7 Ways to Promote Your Home Value Leads Landing PageAfter two years, we are excited at Home Value Leads to see so many of you out there gaining valuable leads and converting them to clients. If you don’t already know what we do, it’s simple: we provide you an optimized landing page where sellers enter their home address to find out the value of their homes, capturing the potential sellers’ home address and contact information to which you will send them their home value report.

When you’ve created your custom landing page, the next step is to let people know about it!

Traditional Ways to Promote Your Lead Generation Landing Page

As with any advertising you do, there are tried and true ways of sharing your landing page to successfully let prospective home sellers know about your service. However, online lead generation tools like Home Value Leads takes it a step further by offering your prospects something they truly want to know and attracts the people who could be in the market to sell. Here are a few of the traditional ways they promote their landing pages:

  • Facebook Ads: You may have used Facebook ads before, whether a boosted post, a sponsored post or an actual ad on the right-hand side of people’s pages, but when promoting your Home Value Leads page, it’s important to re-frame your ads from the traditional “this is what I do” copy. Our most successful members make sure they have a great photo of a home representing the homes of their target demographic. The headline is short and sweet, often clearly communicating what they’ll get from visiting your site: a home value report. The copy also entices the prospective seller to find out just how much their home is worth. Using stats is a great way to get their attention. For example, mentioning how much homes in the area are selling for. Make sure you target exactly your demographic (Home Value Leads provides a great video tutorial that you should follow to the tee in order to get the most success from your Facebook ads.)
  • Google Ads:  This is another great way behind Facebook to promote your landing page. You can’t use photos, of course, so your copy has to be even more eye catching. Be sure to change your ads often to reflect different selling cycles throughout the year or to refresh your area stats.
  • Mailers: When you send out your next postcard, be sure to include a highlighted area with the landing page URL.
  • Business Cards and Email Signature: You can also include your landing page URL on your business cards and email signature. Even if someone weren’t receiving your card specific to home selling or received an email from you on another matter, you never know if that simple mention may peak their interest!
  • Website and Social Media: Just in case, don’t forget these either!

Creative ways to Promote Your Lead Generation Landing Page

Hopefully, you’ve checked off the above means to share your landing page URL. Now, it’s time to get creative! Here are a couple ways that some of our Home Value Leads clients have found to get even more leads from their landing pages.

  • Open Houses: One ingenious Home Value Leads member left his iPad out during an open house and encouraged would-be buyers to request their home value reports. The environment already lends itself to the idea of buying and selling homes, is an innocuous way to capture leads and gives them something FREE in return for their information. It’s better than a sign-up sheet, too. 😉
  • Community Pages: Facebook has a steady roster of community pages all over the country where people share and trade information. You’ll be surprised at how many people will post homes or share tools like Home Value Leads with each other. Simply look up your city, neighborhood or area and also “real estate group”, “goods”, “garage sale”, “yard sale”, “resale”, “information trading”. One members got 162 total leads by posting on such sites!  One word of warning: Be sure to check the pages’ rules to make sure you can post the information and use discretion when posting your site by checking out the kind of information you see people sharing. OR you can get a friend to share your URL for you if they are a member of the same page.

What other cool ways have you thought of to promote a lead generation page like Home Value Leads? Leave your ideas and tips in the comments below.

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