5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Give Thanks

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We often discuss ways that real estate agents can become more emotionally intelligent to find success. We’re huge believers in things like EI, taking accountability, and doing things that allow real estate agents to not only develop strong relationships with clients, but also to develop into real estate agent leaders.

Although we should all strive to grow personally, nothing compares to putting words into action. That’s why during Thanksgiving, we decided to come out with 5 ways real estate agents can give thanks.

Real Estate Agents Can Give Thanks 5 Ways

Give Your Time

Most successful real estate agents become community leaders. Community leaders give their time to local charities, run baseball teams, and instill themselves into the communities in which they live.

You should give your time when you can. Benefits are far reaching. The more instilled in your community, the more you become the community’s real estate agent of choice.

Change How You Think

If you’re already a positive person, maybe you mustn’t change how you think. Most of us, though, aren’t positive 100% of the time. It’s impossible to be with how the world’s going right now.  

But, you can instill positive thinking. You can work on always thinking of solutions instead of how bad things are going. You can also work on realizing that things are almost never as bad as they seem. Give thanks for having the ability to change the way you think.

Become More Customer Focused

Focus on your customers more than focusing on yourself. Give thanks that they’re your customers. Heck, ask them if they volunteer any place and then offer your time, services, a giant turkey for the homeless. Whatever your customers like to do during Thanksgiving time, support them where you can.

Consider What’s Best For Your Clients

If you’re making any real estate deals during November, consider what’s best for your customers before thinking about what’s best for yourself. You should get in the habit of doing this at all times during the year.

However, because during Thanksgiving we’re automatically thinking of helping others, it’s easier for us to consider how best to help our clients.

Offer Your Advice for Free

There’s nothing wrong with offering free advice. Even if a home seller or buyer might not sign you on as a real estate agent, offering free advice is an excellent way to keep you top of mind. If you offer free advice in the month of November, they’ll remember.

You might even go so far as to send a free home value report to some people. It just depends.

During Thanksgiving, individuals are more open to help. Provide that help by becoming a community leader, offering free advice, becoming more customer focused, and working on how you think.

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