5 Top Listing Presentation Steps

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One of the blogs we recently published discusses the 3 top things real estate agents must discuss during any listing presentation. Those 3 things:  making sure sellers understand market time, how to position a house on price for sale, and letting sellers know about how you will market their home are absolutes.

In this blog, we take it a step further by looking at the 5 things to do during a listing presentation:  a) selling consultation, b) pricing strategy development, c) marketing strategy development, d) implementing the marketing plan, and e) explaining the seller’s role.


Top 5 Listing Presentation Steps

  1. The Selling Consultation

Start off by trying to understand exactly why they wish to sell. You may have already done this step. If you’ve already completed this step, make sure to repeat those reasons why they want to sell. Just remind them of what those reasons are.

You want to make sure they’re comfortable before going on to Step 2:  Pricing Strategy Development. The reason’s because talking price is much more difficult if you don’t establish that you know who they are and why they wish to sell.

  1. Pricing Strategy Development

Developing the right pricing strategy could be the most difficult thing you do. Call it pricing strategy development because you want their input. The best way to get them to sign on to the price you know will sell their home is to take their input and then discuss it. Make sure to have reasons why you believe the price that you’ve developed for them, the price that you have in mind, is the price the seller should accept.

  1. Marketing Strategy Development

What’s your marketing plan to sell their home? It must be specific to their home. Don’t get fancy, but don’t just brush it off as just another home, either. Discuss why you believe the marketing strategy you’ve developed is perfect for their residence. Make sure it’s unique for every listing presentation.

However, you can’t allow the uniqueness to overtake the presentation. Stick to what’s worked in the past. Add a twist to make it unique. Maybe, the home has a deck that makes it more appealing. Let them know how you will use that deck to market the entire home.

  1. Implement the Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve shown them your marketing plan, how will you implement it? Are you using social media? Where will you present their home and how will you let potential buyers know the home’s available? You should have an idea of implementation that you know will work.

  1. Understand the Seller’s Role

Seller’s have a responsibility in the process. You can’t sell someone’s home if they don’t understand how important it is to keep up appearances. Let the seller know that at any moment you could call them with someone eager to see the house. If the home is unkept, most buyers get turned off. Even if they still want the house, buyers are more likely to negotiate harder if a home doesn’t have the right look.

Make sure sellers know this. If they want the best, fairest price for their home, it must look ready to sell.

You know that in any listing presentation they must discuss market time, price positioning, and how the agent will market the home. Now as the real estate agent you’ve got the 5 steps you need for a great listing presentation.

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