5 Tips to Create Real Estate Ads that Convert

Renae Virata | November 14, 2016 | Marketing

5 Tips to Create Real Estate Ads that ConvertIt’s been a while since we revisited pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We thought it would be a good idea, before the year ends, to touch upon it to perhaps help you prepare for a new year and new real estate marketing budget.

Creating ads is just the beginning of a successful ad campaign. What’s more important is if they will convert. Will visitors who click on your ads actually take action and visit your site?

Customer Success Manager Erin Sagin of Wordstream recently spoke at PubCon in Las Vegas this past October and share her five tips to help your ads convert. We share them here with you and hope that you start seeing some traction with your real estate ads.

Don’t Rely on Spray and Pray

If you want a high conversion ratio (CVR), then it’s important to capture as many leads as possible and turn them into website visitors. However, you don’t want just anyone visiting your website, you want qualified web visitors. These are the ones that will actually convert to leads to inquire about your services and potential clients.

Target the Right Audience

Another important part of the conversion success equation is to make sure you target your audience with the right parameters. That really all depends on the specific demographic that you would like to target, your specialties and the market or specific neighborhoods that you cover.

The key is to adjust your bids to as specific as age and gender. One way, if you’re lost, is to take a look at the analytics of your website.

Personalize Your Copy

According to Google, four in five consumers prefer search ads customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundigns. In essence, they don’t want to see ads that aren’t relevant to them. And why should they?

If you keep your copy as customized to your users’ search contexts, then the more likely they will take more, meaningful action on it.

Be sure to create different ads, too, depending on the demographic you are targeting. It’s a great way to test who responds best to which copy and how likely they are to convert.

Write Copy that Evokes Emotions

It’s a well-known fact that people form emotions in three seconds or less. So if you think that creating an emotion from a simple PPC ad is going a bit overboard, think again!

According to Bufferapp, there’s a science to the connection between emotion and marketing. Thirty-one percent of marketers with emotional ads reported very large profit gains, while 16 percent of rational ads reported very large profit gains and 26 percent of marketers with a combination of rational and emotional ads reported very large profit gains. You might say it depends on what you are promoting of course, but as real estate is, in so many ways, tied to emotions, emotionality in ads may be even more important.

Sagin suggests that FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” is a huge emotional driver that incites action. And what’s more “gotta have it before someone else takes it” than a house that everyone wants or getting in on a hot seller’s market before it ends?

Don’t Give Up on Interested Searchers

Just as sellers and home buyers tend to take a while to make a decision, so do visitors to your site. So it’s important to keep those visitors who visit over and over again engaged, whenever they do click over.

One way to take advantage of this is to employ the use of RLSA or remarketing lists for search ads. It’s a feature that allows you to customize ad campaigns so that certain ones go to past site visitors. That way, they don’t see the same ad but something more tailored to them as a repeat visitor. This is a great way to combat any objections that they may have and to address them in your ad copy.

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Renae Virata