5 Steps to Develop Your Sphere of Influence

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We recently published a blog on HomeValueLeads.com that discusses how you must decide what type of real estate agent you wish to be. Among the choices are real estate agent, real estate broker, or realtor.

If you decide to be a real estate agent, you’ll want to move on to developing your real estate agent skills. Without a doubt, one of those top skills is developing your sphere of influence once you’ve exhausted personal contacts.

How can you build a sphere of influence by adding people you don’t know to your sphere? Check out 5 tips below!

5 Steps to Develop Your Sphere of Influence

All professional sales people end up exhausting their personal contacts. After exhausting their personal contacts, they end up exhausting any contacts that came from their personal contacts. At that point, they might find it difficult to build their sphere of influence.

The following 5 tips should help real estate agents build their SOIs when they’re in a situation surrounded by strangers. Real estate agent networking events take place in most cities throughout the nation. Even if they don’t take place in your city, you can still find other networking events where you’ll be welcomed.

Heck, even if you’re out at the local pub, you can use these 5 tips to build your sphere of influence.

Step 1. Start the conversation

Most people are hesitant to start a conversation. As a real estate agent, you mustn’t be hesitant. You must be the opposite of hesitant. Starting a conversation is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be a conversation about the housing market. Remember, your goal is to build your sphere of influence, not to sell a home.

Start the conversation, get to know the person or persons you’re conversing with.

Step 2. Be polite, but ask appropriate questions

Always be polite. But, you must also ask appropriate questions. What are appropriate questions? Appropriate questions help you get to know individuals your conversing with that don’t offend them in any way.

Again, it’s important to remember that you’re not selling yourself at this point. Getting individuals into your sphere of influence means building a relationship with individuals that has nothing to do with whether they can buy a house from you right now.

Step 3. Be authentic

Some also describe this as being yourself. No matter how you describe it, you must be authentic. You must be real. Most people at networking and non-networking events will respond to individuals who aren’t fake. Nobody likes to strike up a conversation with someone who isn’t fake.

Step 4. Listen more than speak

It almost goes without writing that you must listen more than speak. This is especially true when your trying to build your SOI by talking to individuals you don’t know. Listen as much as you can. You want to develop a profile of the individual so that once you’ve exchanged contact information, you can go ahead and put them into your sphere of influence.

Step 5. Always offer to send them your contact info via text or phone call

Real estate agents should always offer to send their contact info to the individual they wish to place into their sphere of influence. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. If you ask them to send you their info, they might think you’re telling them to do something.

Nobody likes to be told what to do. Not only that, but this individual has just met you. You don’t want to give a bad impression the first time you’ve met this person.

  1. You get their info, their phone number, right away.

This is a huge advantage to you. Once you’ve gotten their information, you can pretty much put them into your sphere of influence.

For real estate agents, running out of personal contacts and contacts through personal contacts can be scary at first. By using the 5 tips listed above, real estate agents can build their spheres of influence no matter where they are.



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