5 More Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website

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We’re a big believer in using social media to both advertise and build your brand. Social media is a powerful way to build relationships without forcing your real estate agent brand. Social media isn’t the best way to maintain and grow your real estate agent brand, though.

The best way to do that is through your own website. We published a blog about 5 reasons you should have your own website. Check out 5 more reasons you should have your own website.

5 More Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Their Own Website

  1. Grow your brand through your own site

The best branding builds upon itself. It’s tough to create branding that builds upon itself on social media platforms. Social media platforms allow people to connect with each other. That’s different from maintaining or growing your real estate agent brand.

When you have your own website, you build upon your brand every time individuals click onto your website. On social media you might be a real estate agent that loves the Houston Astros. On your website you’re a real estate industry expert.

Your brand is you on your website.  

  1. Become a resource for all your clients

Clients could have some questions that they don’t feel the need to bother you with. Maybe, it’s a question about the real estate industry, where the housing market might be in 3 to 4 months, or about what to look for in a home’s central air conditioning unit to ensure it works.

Whatever the case may be, through strategic outside links to expert blogs you can become a resource, a real estate encyclopedia if you will, to your clients. Education and resource brand building is the most powerful.

Once you become a resource, many clients, or individuals lucky enough to stumble upon your site, won’t go anywhere else. They become like the ESPN fan that always reads articles on ESPN about their favorite team even though Fox Sports also authors articles about their favorite team.

  1. Become the biggest fish in your small, local, pond

You can build your brand via your website to such a height that you become the most well-known real estate agent in your area. Don’t believe this can’t happen. Relevant information, relevant links, and your own personal touch on your website could make it happen quickly.

  1. Control the brand’s message

If anything, your website allows you to control your brand’s message. This is incredibly important because word of mouth could be good or bad. You don’t really know. With your own website, you can control how others perceive you.

  1. Continually reinforce your brand

We mentioned this in 1. Grow your brand through your own website. It’s so important that we felt it necessary to mention it again. Real estate agents like you must always prepare for bad word of mouth or something you said or did to come back and haunt you.

By continually reinforcing your brand on your website, you can temper any bad impressions about you someone else has caused. That alone is a reason to get your own website.

Stick to your own brand’s message. Reinforce it every day, become a resource to your clients, and control your brand’s message. If you do those things, soon you might not be a big fish in your local pond, you might be a shark.  

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