5 More Real Estate Agent Resolutions

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The Holiday Season means we should consider how we might improve on our client closing gifts this year as well as what gifts we should give ourselves. By presenting gifts to themselves, real estate agents can improve their careers.

While we’re at, we can’t forget about the most important gifts we can present to ourselves: New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions go a long way to help real estate agents like us build upon the previous year’s success. Check out 5 more real estate agent resolutions for 2019!

More Real Estate Agent Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Pay attention to the basics

Once we start finding real estate agent success, we could forget about the basics. We could even forget what being a real estate agent means. We will always be salespeople with a heart. That’s the basic definition of a real estate agent.

Not only that, but the basics involve generating leads, keeping hot prospects on the right path, putting cold prospects on the path, and turning leads into sales. That’s pretty much it. The best way to never forget about the basics? Sign-up with Home Value Leads and utilize the HVL CRM.


  1. Don’t worry about job description

People who worry about their job description eventually say things like, “That’s not my job.” Whenever a person says, “That’s not my job,” it means they’re either board with their job, or they don’t care to be successful at their job.

Your job, being a real estate agent, means the buck stops with you. It doesn’t go past you. You take responsibility for everything that happens during the buying or selling process. Never worry about job description. By not worrying, you’ll never fall into the trap of saying, “That’s not my job.”

  1. Resolve not to waste your time…or anyone else’s

Time wasting goes both ways. By wasting someone else’s time, for example bothering the individuals incessantly about signing with you even though they’ve decided to go with someone else, is a bad look. It also wastes your time.

Stop wasting your time, or anyone else’s by organizing your sphere of influence and pipeline via the HVL CRM. Home Value Leads offer great email templates that you can use to keep things on track.

  1. Remember, it takes a team effort

Buyers and seller are part of the team. Yes, they’re your clients, but they’re also part of a team. Like in anything that involves a team, every member of the team contributes to the goal. Embrace your team members. See them as team members. Involve them. Don’t forget, though, that even though you involve them, that doesn’t mean that when it comes to the sales process, you allow them to become the team leader.

You’re the team leader because you’re the real estate agent. You’re the expert.  


  1. Promise you won’t become resentful when things don’t work out

There are external New Year’s resolutions and internal resolutions. Promising not to become resentful towards people or yourself if things don’t work out is an internal resolution. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. Keep that in mind before becoming resentful about anything.

Along with the New Year comes real estate agent resolutions. 5 resolutions that real estate agents should make include: promising to not be resentful when things don’t work out, promising to pay attention to the basics, not worrying about their job description, remembering it takes a team effort, and resolving to not waste anyone’s, or your, time.


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