5 Emotional Intelligent Success Signs for Real Estate Agents

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The real estate industry is ultra-competitive. That’s one of the reasons we encourage you to search for potential clients in addition to clients that you find from your sphere of influence. Once you reach a potential, how you approach that potential, what you say and do to put that potential into your SOI can determine if you become their real estate agent or not.

No doubt, the key factor in whether potentials end up in your sphere of influence is your level of emotional intelligence. Check out 5 emotional intelligent success signs.

5 EI Signs for Real Estate Agent Success

  1. People interest you

High emotionally intelligent individuals find people interesting. They find all people interesting, not just people that they appear to have some sort of connection with. By finding people interesting, we mean that they’re interested in their lives and in who they are.

You can see how this way of thinking can help real estate agents bring potential clients into their sphere of influence. When you show interest in other people, they’re likelier to respond positively to you.

  1. You have great social awareness

Emotionally intelligent individuals with high social awareness can correctly judge a person’s character. It’s important to know when an individual is insincere, but it’s also ultra-important to know when an individual is sincere.

You do this because you’ve got the skills to read people. You can discern what they’re going through as human beings and whether they’re sincere about specific predicaments.

Knowing their level of sincerity, understanding their character, allows real estate agents to come up with the best solutions for them.

  1. Change is good

Human beings change. Everything changes. Emotionally intelligent persons understand this reality. They’re not afraid of change.

Things change all the time in the real estate industry. The best real estate agents, those with high emotional intelligence, embrace change because they understand that change often leads to bigger and better opportunities for both clients and them.

  1. You put mistakes in the rearview mirror

Human beings make mistakes and real estate agents make mistakes. High EI individuals don’t dwell on mistakes. They put mistakes in the rearview mirror because they understand that the one thing nobody can change, no matter how much they embrace change, is the past.

The past exists. How we deal with past events, moving on if they’re mistakes, is what makes us great real estate agents. One other note about mistakes is if you made the mistake take ownership of it.

Unaccountable real estate agents lose current clients. They also lose out on any potential clients.

  1. You let things go

Being a real estate agent can be stressful. Why add more stress by holding a grudge? Grudges do nothing for you. If you consistently worry about the person who did you wrong, you’re allowing them to continue to do you wrong.

Let bygones be bygones. This is also true with potential clients who decide to go with a different real estate agent. Definitely ask them why they decided not to go with you. Let them know you’re asking because you wish to become a better real estate agent.

Then, take their criticism and consider it objectively.

Letting things go and putting things in the rearview mirror are two signs you’re a highly emotionally intelligent real estate agent. Other signs are showing interest in people, having great social awareness, and knowing change is good.

If you find yourself lacking in any of those areas, work on them. The higher your EI, the more likely you are to put potentials into your sphere of influence.

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