5 Best Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts for Clients

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Most real estate agents strive to be emotionally intelligent and to give thanks when they can. Agents who do give thanks, understand that not only will they benefit professionally, but they also benefit personally.

A great way to give thanks is to provide a closing gift to your clients. Since we’re in the month that requires holiday spirit, we thought it a good idea to list 5 of the best closing gifts that agents can bestow upon their home buying clients.

5 Best Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts for Clients


  1. Address Sign

Don’t just purchase any address sign. Go out of your way and create a personalized address sign. Address signs are great gifts because they signal to the new home owners that, yes, this is your home.

Every day, if it’s not late at night, home owners will see their address sign before walking through the door after work. This should most definitely help them keep you in mind down the road when they’re ready to move up.

  1. Small plants

Plants liven up any room or bedroom. Giving plants to home buyers after closing immensely helps because plants are alive. That adds something to the gesture, to gift giving. If you’re truly ambitious, you could tell them that you’d like to purchase something like a tree and that you’ll have professionals deliver it and plant it for them. Make sure you know where to plant the tree.

  1. Work from a local artist

Artists exist everywhere. By purchasing local art and gifting it to a buyer after closing, you’re saying a few things. First, you’re letting the buyer know you understand the community where they just purchased the home. Second, you’re providing art that should help them brighten a room or bedroom, and finally you’re telling the home buyer that you like to support local artisans.

  1. Home Sweet Home sign

Although not as fancy as the good old address sign, a Home Sweet Home sign can provide the same level of comfort that an address sign does. Who doesn’t want a Home Sweet Home sign? Even if the new homeowners decide they don’t want to hang it anywhere, they most definitely will see it as a nice gesture.  

  1. A spice rack

Spice racks are symbol gifts that could have positive effects. We put spices onto food we cook. Gifting a spice rack means you’re telling the buyer that this is their home. They don’t have to use any of the spices. They’ll consistently be reminded that the kitchen belongs to them, though, because unlike pots and pans, spice racks sit on the kitchen counter. Also, if you buy a great spice rack, who cares about using the spices it contains? Small things like spice racks can make any kitchen look great.

During the holiday month of December, it’s a good idea for real estate agents to remind themselves of great closing gifts. Above, we’ve listed 5 of the best. Bookmark this blog and then after your next closing, just choose one of the gifts.




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