5 Best Gifts a Real Estate Agent Can Give Themselves

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Although we’d never advise real estate agents to take a break, it’s always good, as an example, to know the Top 5 features home buyers are looking for, we do believe that in the ultimate holiday month of December, it’s important for real estate agents to provide gifts to themselves. This is especially true for agents who might need a bit of a pick me up before the New Year.

Check out 5 gifts that you, the real estate agent, should be happy to give yourself.

5 Best Real Estate Agent Gifts for You

  1. A real estate agent handbook

Not any real estate handbook will do. If you’re a career change agent, one that decided to become a real estate agent only after working in a different field, you might want to find a highly rated book on Amazon that you can keep to further your education.

If you’re a veteran real estate agent, you should absolutely consider downloading and keeping the HVL eBook on lead generation handy. It provides you everything you need to continue to generate leads in the ever changing real estate industry.

Either way, your education doesn’t end just because you get your real estate license. Make sure to look for materials that help you stay ahead of your competition.  

  1. An education in finance

Because you run a personal business, you should work for a finance education. That doesn’t mean you must spend a ton of dollars for a finance degree. If you’d like to do that, go for it. It does mean you can give yourself a fantastic gift by simply educating yourself about not only the real estate industry but also finance in general.

Financial decisions eventually determine how successful you are. An added bonus if you give yourself this holiday present is that you could learn more than you thought you would about how to navigate the financial waters between buyers and sellers.

  1. A Home Value Leads subscription

If you haven’t yet signed up for Home Value Leads, you should do so as a gift to yourself. The Home Value Leads CRM automatically helps you organize leads. Then, if you sign up for your Facebook advertising service, we’ll help you generate leads that you can put right into the CRM.

An HVL subscription can go a long way to sending you right to the top.

  1. Clothes upgrade

Although it sounds ridiculous, the clothes often makes the person. That doesn’t mean that by putting on clothes you immediately become a better real estate agent. You must still know what you’re doing. However, it does mean that if you look confident enough to feel confident, you’re more likely to make better decisions. That’s just common sense. If you’re tired of wearing the same clothes, purchase a few new suits. You might surprise yourself at how many more houses you end up listing just because you’ve got a new wardrobe.

  1. A new laptop

A great way to generate leads is to set up a laptop and let possible sellers wondering if they should see your listing presentation search for how much their home is worth. All real estate agents should allow possible sellers access to a laptop at all open houses specifically for this purpose.

If you’re laptop isn’t fast enough, potential clients might not access their home prices. That could lead to lost leads. You won’t even get the chance of showing your listing presentation to frustrated clients.

Not all years are the same. Some real estate agents might feast for twelve months one year and wonder why everything’s gone dry the next. The gifts above can truly set the tone for a bounce back year if things went dry the following year, or provide a pat on the back for a job well done if things were great.

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