4 Ways Real Estate Agents Love Their Tablets

Renae | June 8, 2016 | Best Practices

4 Ways for Real Estate Agents Love Their TabletsBesides the tons of apps available on tablets today to help real estate agents stay organized in their businesses, you can use your tablets as a virtual assistant. What do we mean?

Quite simply, you would be hard pressed to not find myriad ways to stay paperless or to be a hero in a split second with a client when you have a listing appointment or showings.

When working with a client, you could use your tablet to show photos, listings and presentations. This frees up your phone so you are not interrupted by text messages, calls and alerts. Plus, with a bigger screen, tablets offer the portable size at a display size that helps you browse through more desktop or laptop-friendly sites.


Here are our top ways that you, as an agent, can make your tablet a pivotal part of your business when working with clients and to streamline your everyday processes.

Tablet Use 1: Showings

Before you show your clients properties in person, your tablet can act as a virtual tour. In this way, you don’t have to print listings or need to pull them off a house in order to show them to your client.

Preparation is key. Prior to your appointment, you can download the listings that you would like to show. Then you can save them in a Google Drive or other online folder. To keep super organized, each listing can be saved in a particular client sub-folder and named by the address and date you viewed the listing or visited the property.

Once you go to a property, you can pull up the listings that you agreed to view, hand the tablet to your client and let them walk around the place with the information right at their fingertips.

Tablet Use 2: Listing Presentations

How many pages do you usually print for a listing presentation? And how many potential clients do you show them to? You can bet that they end up in the recycling bin not too long after you have given it to them.

With the large screen size that tablets provide, showing your slides digitally is just more efficient. You can easily scroll back and forth between pages, take notes in the presentation and pivot to other tabs or files in order to supplement your conversation. You can then send your potential client the presentation with the notes via email or share the link from your online cloud file software.

One word of caution: As with any listing presentation, keep your slides demonstrative instead of including your entire speech. Bullet points still work great, and your notes taken during your conversation can add more detail.

Tablet Use 3: Sign-In Sheets at Open Houses

Any open house needs to have a sign-in sheet. They’re great for capturing information for newsletter lists. Open Home Pro is a great app that you can use to virtually collect signatures. Instead of a plain old sheet of paper, you can brand the digital sheet and even add scrolling photos in the background of the listing.

Tablet Use 4: Jot Down Client Notes

As you real estate is a relationship business, your clients’ needs, wants and personal information are important to note. Instead of sticky notes, a notebook or pad, you can add this information quickly through your tablet in your CRM’s app if you have one or next to their contact information in your phone. Then when you meet them next, you can ask how their new job is going, how their vacation went or how their kids’ new baseball season is going.

Your tablet can be your new best friend if you put it to work for you. It also helps you look more innovative, professional and show that you care about the time spent for your clients. It’s easier to carry than a laptop but offers even more benefits.


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