4 Reasons to Consider a Pre-Listing Presentation

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Real Estate agents use several ways to stand out. In the month of November, there’s no better way than to give thanks. Giving back to the community can put you in an excellent position to become the agent that homeowners call when they’re ready to sell.

But, giving back to the community, although excellent, still isn’t enough to stand out. To sell homes, you must first list homes. Developing specific listing presentations for each home you wish to place your For Sale sign on the lawn, can be the only way to gain the listing.

There is a way for real estate agents to get a head start to gain more listings, though. It’s called the pre-listing presentation. Check out 4 reasons why real estate agents should in addition to working on specific listing presentations create a pre-listing presentation that separates them from their competition.

4 Reasons To Go With a Pre-Listing Presentation

  1. When a seller’s ready to find an agent, they might only contact 1 or 2

Scary, but something like 70% of home sellers only contact one real estate agent and ask for a listing presentation. Almost 90% of home sellers only contact two real estate agents looking for listing presentations.

Unless you’re consistently the one or two agents that all home sellers in your area contact, you must search for new potential listings and then sign them up before your competition can make their pitches.

  1.  You can explain why home sellers should go for you before the listing presentation

In your pre-listing presentation, you can explain to home sellers why they should see your listing presentation before any other real estate agent’s. This should lead to you getting more phone calls about coming in to present.

That saves time and effort on your part. It also allows you to control the conversation about yourself from the very beginning. There’s no time for negative word of mouth to spread when you’ve got one foot in the door to the listing presentation.

  1. You can present information before a face-to-face meeting

Even before the face-to-face meeting, the actual listing presentation, you can present information  that puts you on an excellent path with home sellers. Some of that information could help home sellers determine before your presentation why they must sign with you as their real estate agent.

  1. With a pre-listing presentation you shorten the time it takes to get an in-person meeting

This one’s pretty obvious, but it’s still important to discuss. With a pre-listing presentation, you can shorten the time it takes for you to get the in-person meeting. Sometimes, the fist in-person meeting can be the listing presentation.

Other times, it can lead to an initial in-person meeting. Even if it’s a first in-person meeting, you’ll be ahead of your peers. Once you shorten the amount of time it takes to go from first contact to in-person meeting, you can be almost assured of getting the listing.

You must develop solid listing presentations for each home you wish to represent. It requires work to just get to that point. Creating a pre-listing presentation could put you on the path to showing your listing presentations. That puts you ahead of your real estate agent peers.  


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