4 More Social Media Things Real Estate Agents Must Do

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Real estate agents must create an effective website. Sometimes, real estate agents can over create. If they over create, they must do something about it. It’s a happy day when agents get their websites exactly where they want them to be. Once that happens, an agent can’t just rest on her laurels. She must then look to promote her website.

We’ve gone over 3 influential social media musts for agents: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Check out 4 more social media things that agents should do.

  1. Make LinkedIn a priority

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can all help build your real estate agent brand. No social media platform builds your real estate agent brand more than LinkedIn, though. LinkedIn, the most used social media platform for professionals, can get you in front of the right clients at the exact right time, when they want to buy or want to sell their homes.

A good LinkedIn page screams professionalism. Although Facebook and Twitter are nice, the real estate industry is for professionals. You can’t show up in a T-shirt, flip-flops, and shorts and hope to list a house. Home seller wants to know that the real estate agent they work with takes things seriously. Home buyers want their real estate agent to look out for them.

LinkedIn helps you create the professional side of your real estate brand.

  1. Check all social media metrics

Studying social media metrics helps you fine tune your brand marketing message. “Likes” on Facebook don’t mean as much as they use to. Metrics like starting a conversation that lasts an entire day on Facebook means more. If you can get potential SPIs (sphere of influence) individuals into a conversation about real estate, you can offer free advice. Free advice leads to trust, which leads to more possible clients for you.

All social media platforms offer metrics. Use the metrics.

  1. Consider opening a Snapchat account

Millenials use Snapchat. Per Housing Wire, Millenials led all other generations in buying homes last year. If you don’t have a Snapchat account, create one today. To find clients via social media, you must use what they use.

  1. Manage your social media accounts yourself

It might sound like a good idea to hire someone else to manage your social media accounts. Other individuals, experts at marketing, could provide you with the best professional marketing messages.

But, providing marketing messages isn’t what social media marketing is about. You must look to build your brand first. Marketing will come naturally. Remember, the best forms of marketing are those to accentuate your expertise. Telling people that you’re an expert does nothing for your brand. Showing people you’re an expert by engaging with them in important conversations or publishing a great Instagram photo of a home you listed, does.

If you follow the 4 above recommendations, you can’t go wrong. Soon, you’ll be a real estate agent social media marketing expert!

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