4 Effective Social Media Real Estate Agent Rules

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After real estate agents create an effective website, they must set up accounts on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so they can build their real estate agent brand. Social media platforms have rules. Within each platform there are other rules that you, the real estate agent should follow.

These real estate agent social media marketing rules can help agents more effectively build their brands. Better brand building leads to more clients. Below, check out 4 of these social media real estate agent rules.

4 Effective Social Media Real Estate Agent Rules

We took 4 relevant social media real estate agent rules from Placester.com and expanded on them.

  1. Keep promotional content to a minimum

Those who join social media platforms do so because they wish to engage. Sure, there are many social media marketers who try to convince business owners that they can make sales through social media platforms. Sales don’t happen.

Business owners can build their reputations on social platforms, though. Reputations can also go south. Real estate agents should use social media to build their reputations as honest and engaging agents.

If they flood followers with nothing but promotional content, they can’t build their reputations. Worse, they’ll get a bad rep for always trying to promote themselves.

  1. Don’t automate responses

Few, if any, people react to automated responses. Not only that, but because automated responses aren’t a genuine way to respond, those who set up automated responses aren’t genuine either. Real Estate agents like you must always work to maintain a great reputation.

Using automated responses on social media leads to a bad reputation. Care enough about individuals that you wish to engage with. Think thoughtfully about every response. Don’t just put your responses on auto-pilot.

  1. Vet content before sharing it

You can end your career by not vetting content on social media before you share it. Roseanne Barr ended her career after a non-vetted tweet. Barr had one of the most watched shows on television. If Roseanne can go down in flames after posting an offensive tweet, you can too.

The best way to know if something is offensive is to look at it from every angle. By only posting positive statements, you lower the chances of posting something offensive. Also, stick to real estate. You didn’t create an Instagram account to post about how much you love the Houston Astros.

  1. Always cite content that you share

Think of posting on social media like spreading good, relevant, information. It’s unethical to quote real estate statistics without citing who you got those statistics from.  

You’re not authoring a novel. You mustn’t come up with something original for every post. You must cite where you got relevant information from if you can, though.

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