3 Ways Real Estate Agents Market with Social Media

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One of our most popular blogs explains how real estate agents can make their websites more effective. Once a website becomes effective enough, real estate agents should then consider if their websites are too much. Getting a personalized, professional, website is how you create your real estate brand.

If you’re happy with your website, you can move on to marketing your real estate brand. The best way to market your real estate brand is through social media.

3 Tips to Market Your Brand with Social Media

Tip #1:  Now, it’s mostly about Instagram

The most widely used social media platform isn’t Facebook or Twitter, it’s Instagram. A billion people use the Instagram platform. That’s up from 800 million in September 2017. The number of Instagram users shows how the social media platform has become stronger.

Real estate agents can post beautiful photos of houses they wish to sell on Instagram. They can also create short videos about the homes they wish to sell and post those. If you get good at posting to Instagram, you could become the “Instagram Real Estate Agent” in your area.

The best branding builds upon itself. Every great photo you post on Instagram does that for you.

Tip #2:  Tweet listings

You must first get Twitter followers. Often, if you follow someone on Twitter, that person will return the favor. Look at your sphere of influence. Find as many in your sphere of influence who have Twitter accounts. Follow individuals in your sphere of influence. Most will follow you.

Once you’ve built a quality group of followers, you can Tweet listings. This should give you some retweets. While posting on Instagram is how you build upon your brand, retweets is how Twitter helps you build upon your brand.

Tip #3:  Don’t forget about Facebook

We hear it every day. Millennials don’t like Facebook. They like Snap Chat and Tinder. Facebook is their parents’ and grandparents’ social media platform. Well, that’s great for real estate agents!

Some millennials have money. Many more parents and grandparents of millennials have money. If parents and grandparents of millennials are using Facebook, you had better have a branding presence on Facebook.

Branding on Facebook is different than branding on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is more community driven. Instagram and Twitter are both instantaneous. That’s different from Facebook. It will take multiple posts to interest your Facebook followers. The best way to interest Facebook followers is to first show interest in them.

You must read their posts. Utilize the sphere of influence technique that helped you get your Twitter followers. Then, read and respond to their posts while also posting on your own. Like Twitter, you’re more likely to gain followers and readers once you’ve followed and responded to them.

Branding starts with a website. After the website, real estate agents must market and build their brands. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all great ways to do that.

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