3 Tips on Dealing With First Time Sellers

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Most real estate agents know that, at times, they must convince sellers on list price. A bad list price could lead to disaster. The right list price could lead to a sale before the signs been driven into the ground.

List price is one of the more important aspects of selling a home. Sometimes, it’s difficult to convince an experienced home owner, a home owner that wants to sell their second or even third residence, on list price. Think about how difficult it could be to deal with a first time seller on list price, or anything else for that matter?

That’s why we put together this blog. Check out 3 tips on how real estate agents can deal with first time sellers.

3 Tips on Dealing with First Time Sellers

Real estate agents mustn’t just use these 3 tips for dealing with first time sellers. They can also use these tips dealing with individuals in other situations.

Tip #1 – Listen before saying anything

Listening leads to respect. If you don’t listen to first time sellers, there’s no way you’ll gain their respect. First time sellers often approach the selling process differently before a seasoned home seller might. It’s important that real estate agents understand this.

Don’t write off anything a first time seller says. Even if they come up with a crazy price that you know won’t fly in the market place, still patiently listen.

Tip #2 – Remember, this is a big deal

Remember that this is a big deal. To you, the successful real estate agent, it might not be a big deal at all. You’ve helped clients sell plenty of houses. To the first time seller, though, it’s a huge deal because they’ve never gone through the home selling process.

At no point during the process should you ever act lackadaisically about the process. First time home sellers must feel that they’re in great hands, your hands. The way to do that is to have as much at stake, believe that you have as much stake, as they do.

Tip #3 – Wrap all communications in an emotional intelligent blanket

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our emotions. In addition to that, emotional intelligence is also recognizing, understanding, and influencing the emotions of others.

For first time home sellers, the process is emotional. There’s no way a first time home seller can get past the emotional part of selling a home. That means a good real estate agent will use emotional intelligence to first handle his or her own emotions. The real estate agent will then use emotional intelligence to recognize and understand the first time seller’s emotions.

Influencing the first time seller’s emotions is where the art of being a real estate agent comes into play. Influencing, or managing if influencing is too tough of word, another person’s emotions means providing direction. That’s how real estate agents deal with first time sellers, by providing emotional direction to reach an end goal.

By wrapping all communication in an emotional intelligent blanket, remembering that to the first time seller the process is a big deal, listening to first time sellers before saying anything, real estate agents no doubt will perform to the first time seller’s expectations.

That’s a great thing because a first time home seller can become a client for life.

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