3 Tips for Business Card Marketing

Renae Virata | May 29, 2017 | Marketing

3 Tips for Business Card MarketingAs a real estate agent, you’ve probably have hundreds of business cards at your disposal. They are a staple to have in your wallet or purse at all times. The obvious situations to hand them out are in mailers, events and networking situations.

These are the typical ways to use your business card. Expand your business card marketing with a few more ways to physically share your information.

Local Bulletin Boards

This sounds so old school doesn’t it? Posting your business card on a classic cork board with the wooden frame around it. But you’d be surprised at how much traffic these can get.

Starbucks are one of the best places to find these. Imagine how much traffic each store gets, especially if the board is right next to the restroom or the ordering line.

Other places with bulletin boards might include postal stores, other coffee shops, grocery stores, gyms, churches, mom and pop restaurants and small shopping centers. Be sure to bring some pushpins with you in case they are all used up.

Make sure it’s okay to post your business card. Some institutions like local community centers and libraries might need to grant permission and review your information prior to posting.

Relocation Business Packets

A targeted way to generate leads with your business cards is to partner with businesses who attract the same type of clientele. Your exposure will be ten-fold, and your leads will be more focused.

When you approach a local relocation business, be prepared to provide them with important talking points about your business, approach and success. They will want to know how you can serve their clients as they’ll only want to refer them to the best.

Be sure when you talk to them that it is not always about what you provide to them. It is just as important to know what they can offer to you. How much competition do you have with other real estate referrals? How will they refer you? This is where your business card comes in handy. You can prepare a flyer to staple your card to that the relo business can include in their packets.

Local Events Swag Bags

Drop your business card in local event swag or goodie bags. Events abound throughout the year, so you can be strategic about the ones you partner with. Running or other sports events, for example, that attract a particular market (families, for example) is a great place to start. You can usually find local running calendars to identify the perfect events months and months in advance.

Be sure to include something with your business card so that your card doesn’t get lost in the fold of all of the other collateral. Small promotional items that you can tie your card to will really stand out.

You might have to pay a small fee to include your info in bags. If you want to do a trade, then offer to include their race in your local newsletter, website and social media for a couple of months.

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Renae Virata