3 Tips to Enhance Your Real Estate Website

Renae Virata | June 12, 2017 | Best Practices, Marketing

No Better Time to Start a Real Estate Website Than NOWRemember when you first set up the website for your real estate business? It was exciting to see your little corner of the Internet come to life, ready to attract leads. When was the last time you updated your real estate website?

Oftentimes, especially with so much going on in a busy real estate agent’s day-to-day, the website gets neglected. Except for the occasional blog post, the only updates are the listings through your IDX. You only need to look at the date at the bottom of some agents’ websites to see the last time they touched it.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money or even time to enhance your real estate website. Here, we’ve put together three simple tips to help drive more traffic to your site and generate additional interest to make your web visitors stay just a little bit longer.

Add an FAQ Page

As a real estate agent, you no doubt receive hundreds of questions every month from home sellers and buyers, many of them repeated among several clients. Put these questions to good use by creating an FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your website that you can repurpose.

Hopefully, you are taking notes as you meet with leads, during listing presentations and making phone calls or exchanging texts and emails. This is your first source of questions to answer. Jot them down on a notepad for inclusion on your site not too long after, email them to yourself or enter them directly into your project management/task app on your phone.

Look through your emails and past texts, too, for great questions.

Add Live Chat

Live chat is a great way for real estate agents to engage with leads that come to their website right away. It may look complicated at first, but a number of software companies have emerged or improved their services to make it easy for even the most tech-unsavvy agents to use.

Some of the benefits of live chat:

  • If you aren’t at the office or on the road, you can quickly engage with a lead.
  • Some web visitors may be hesitant to call or email but feel “less committal” just chatting online.
  • You can easily integrate your phone with most live chat software through an easy-to-use-app.
  • You can keep track of where visitors have been coming with solid reports.

Make Sure You Blog and Blog Often

In order to do effectively bring people to your real estate site, you need to answer their questions or solve a problem you know they have anywhere you can on your site. And that can start with your blog.

Sometimes, you may feel like you get flooded with the same emails or questions from clients and leads that you are answering over and over again. Listen carefully, because they are doing you a BIG favor! These questions, especially the ones they ask over and over again, will be your future blog posts. If people are asking you these questions directly, you can bet there are even more entering that same question into Google or Bing, looking for an answer.

Create a running list of questions. You can actually make the question the title of your post or use a short version of the answer. It’s important that somewhere in your post you either ask the question or include a full sentence answer to it. For example, “How Does the Smith County School System Rank?” could also be “The Smith County School System Ranks #1 in Wisconsin.” You can be somewhat creative with your titles, but keep in mind that you want to match closely to what you know people will be searching.

These three simple changes can make a huge difference in not only the traffic that comes to your site but also the experience your web visitors have. The more information and options to get in touch with you that they they have, the more likely they will turn to you when they need their real estate needs met!

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Renae Virata