3 Social Media Trends Agents Should Jump on in 2017

Renae Virata | December 5, 2016 | Marketing, Uncategorized

social media trends“Forbes” recently ran a story on the top five social media trends to come in 2017. Not surprising, three of the five were extremely relevant for real estate agents like you. They are topics that we have focused on throughout 2016: Live video, messaging apps and virtual reality.

Let’s take a look at how each of these factors in to a good real estate marketing strategy.

Live Video

Back in August, we interviewed the Steeles. This successful husband-wife team have been using Facebook Live to promote their listings and connecting more personally with leads and client.

What they found is that social media tools like Facebook Live is easy to use, engaging and incredibly attractive to Facebook from an algorithm standpoint. What do we mean? The more videos you post, the more exposure your page will get according to Facebook.

Earlier this year, we also touted the benefits of Instagram videos for real estate agents. In the long stream of photos that you’ll find on your feed, videos are just more compelling. This means, again. more engagement with your business on Instagram.

Messaging Apps

In February, we talked about how following up on leads with text messages is perfectly acceptable. And we still stand by this idea! In fact, as we found later in the year, Facebook Messenger is a quickly growing tool that real estate agents can use to connect with their leads and clients one-on-one.

This has become so important as a customer service tool, that Facebook has enacted the measurement and display of a Facebook business page’s responsiveness to messages. What’s more, you can actually embed Facebook Messenger into your website so if you receive a message through it, you can respond directly to it from your phone or set up auto-responders to buy you time until you can directly engage with lead.

Virtual Reality

The newest addition to social media trends is probably one of the funnest, too. If a buyer cannot be at an open house due to distance or schedule, then a virtual tour is the next best thing.

Turn on your TV, and at any given time, you’ll see a couple of VR technologies already hitting the mainstream. Real estate is no different. Companies like Matterport have designed three-dimensional tour creation tools for real estate agents to take advantage of today. Imagine in the next 12 months what we’ll see in this space!

The world of social media is moving at a fast pace. Make sure you are catching up! Even if you only explore one of these social media trends, you can be sure you are headed into a positive direction with your real estate marketing.

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Renae Virata