3 Simple Technologies that Make Real Estate Business Easier

Renae Virata | February 26, 2016 | Best Practices

3 Simple Technologies that Make Real Estate Business EasierSometimes the most obvious time (and life) savers are right under your nose. I was curious what some real estate agents these days are using to make their lives easier. An overwhelming number of them mentioned some basic technologies that, truth be told, aren’t as revolutionary as they are underutilized. Here are a few that may just save you some valuable minutes (and headaches!) in your day.

Sign on the Dotted Line

It’s one of the best feelings as a real estate agent to click open that pen and have someone sign a document right before your eyes. Today’s busy real estate pros and clients, though, might find it difficult to set up timely meetings to get the job done.

If you’re one of the many agents using digital signing software like HelloSign or DocuSign, then you’ve probably saved a ton of time already. Instead of faxing, scanning, emailing and waiting your docs, you simply upload your docs into your safe online account and request and receive signatures in one place.

“For me, HelloSign makes working with out-of-state clients much easier,” said Janine Acquafredda, an Associate Broker at House n Key Realty in Brooklyn. “It’s easy to use once you set up the templates.”

In addition to templates you set up, both HelloSign and DocuSign keep track of who’s been sent what, organizes your files, uses any format and integrates with your existing file and cloud storage systems.

Real estate agent Ivan Ciraj of IVAN Real Estate is a fan of DocuSign.

“Being able to send forms to clients to digitally sign and initial has saved an incredible amount of time for everyone,” said Ciraj. “There is the green aspect of not wasting paper, and when deals are extremely time-sensitive and your clients are not locally present, then DocuSign can be the key tool to close that transaction.”

Give in to the Tablet

Many people use their tablets merely for entertainment. But real estate agents like Jamal Asskoumi of CastleSmart.com can’t live without his for his real estate business.

“Before implementing the iPad into my daily life, I would hoard a huge file, which featured property profiles, contracts and all sorts of other paper work, to each client that I visited,” said Asskoumi. “Now, I’m able to show buyers properties, have them sign contracts and negotiate prices all through the iPad.”

Most agents feel a sense of security with a good old folder full of papers. If you don’t want to completely let go of your paper trail, then you can always start slowly. Try a few listing presentations on your iPad. Then add an app for your favorite cloud storage system to give you easy access to your files. Eventually graduate to signing documents with electronic signature software on your tablet (just make sure everyone has reviewed the document beforehand).

Top-selling real estate veteran Rob Levy with Keller Williams Realty Professionals in Portland and Palm Springs uses his iPad but says Android tablets are just as good (and cheaper).

“I love the ability to surf the MLS right there with my client and to be able to do a CMA and/or listing presentation right there on the fly or on the hood of my car. There are fabulous apps I also use for running the numbers on rental properties or other things.”

Cut Your Team Some Slack

Slack doesn’t just mean loose – it’s also a handy communication tool that many real estate agents are starting to incorporate into their busy firms. John Heaton, Managing Director at The Heaton Group swears by it.

“We can easily communicate and send over files and briefs to our marketing team in a matter of seconds,” said Heaton. “The unique tool enables us to communicate internally and externally and maintain a flow of communication that we can always go back and read through, especially handy if we need to check something that was communicated a couple of days before, or look for a file that was sent over by our marketing department this morning, for example. In our fast-paced industry, being able to quickly and effectively communicate is key to success.”

Slack basically eliminates email so that your team doesn’t end up losing valuable messages or documents that were sent. It uses drag-and-drop to send any type of file from your desktop and comes in a handy mobile app, too. Think of it as email meets instant messaging, all saved in one place for easy access.

What simple technologies or software do you use in your day-to-day life as a realtor? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message on our Facebook page!

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Renae Virata