3 Labor Day Marketing Activities for Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | August 17, 2016 | Marketing

3 Labor Day Marketing Activities for Real Estate AgentsIt’s the Monday┬áthat everyone looks forward to at the end of the summer: Labor Day. While your neighbors are taking a day off to rest, this may actually be a great day for real estate agents like you to take advantage of everyone’s availability. Check out three ways that you can make the Labor Day holiday work (pun intended) for you.

Labor Day Open House

The wonderful boon of holding an open house on Labor Day is that most people, unlike Memorial Day, for example, are almost guaranteed to be in town. School has already started, so parents are in town. Plus, things have slowed down a bit from the summer, so you can be sure that everyone is more relaxed and more receptive to visiting an open house.

Create a relaxed atmosphere at a property that has a great backyard, perhaps showing off its pool and outdoor grilling area. Keep food simple with hamburgers or hot dogs and make sure the air conditioning is turned up for those taking a tour inside. The more “homey” you can make your open house, the better visitors can imagine their own family fetes in the space.

Partner with Local Businesses

No doubt businesses in the areas around some of your listings will be helping their patrons celebrate Labor Day. Why not get in on the fun and join them? One way that you can bring together the community is to hold a neighborhood barbecue at a local park or community center and pool together businesses that would like to attract the same types of clients. Be sure to have business cards and collateral on recent properties handy to share. You might also provide goody bags with participating business’ swag and collateral for guests to take home.

Be sure to determine ahead of time the costs that will be shared among your partners (marketing, food, any fees, etc.) and promote your event in local neighborhood newsletters or online event calendars.

Participate in a Local Charity Fundraiser

Most communities will host a footrace or other fundraising event in the neighborhood. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your business to get some great exposure through participation, complete with team shirts, or, even better, sponsorship. Most sponsorships, for example, allow for collateral or promotional items in race bags, depending on your sponsor level. In addition, participating in a local fundraiser at a nearby school or in conjunction with other businesses shows your involvement in the community and gives you valuable face time with potential clients.

No matter what you decide, share the love this Labor Day and make sure that, while others are taking the day off, you are working hard to promote your real estate business!

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Renae Virata