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steve jollyThis is a guest post by Steve Jolly who is a Broker with Benchmark Realty, LLC in Nashville, TN. This is Steve’s tenth year in Real Estate and he has more than 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience. You can connect with Steve through his Facebook group, Real Estate Marketing All-Stars at REMAllstars.com
Things REALTORS Should Send to HomeownersHave you ever wondered what you should send to clients or customers to keep them engaged? Most will tell you to send something of value, but many of us still struggle with what is valuable to homeowners. So, we decide to “think about it” and send something next month “when we will have more time.” The big problem is: We forget. Next month never comes, and our clients and customers soon forget about us. Let’s start 2015 on the right path with 20 things REALTORS should send to homeowners.

1. HUD-1 Settlement Statement
To everyone who bought a home from you in the last year, send them a copy of their HUD-1 Settlement Statement at the beginning of tax season (January – February). Remind your past clients to keep the email handy as that they will need the statement when they complete their taxes this year.

2. Recent Sales and Listings
Just like Gladys Kravitz, most people want to know what is going on in their neighborhood even if they are not ready to sell. By sending them recent sales and listings on a continuous basis, you are positioning yourself as an expert in their neighborhood. This works effectively for past clients and for areas that you are farming.

3. Market Statistics and Information
Market statistics and information work much like the recent sales and listings, but on a macro level. This helps them to understand the area and get the big picture. A well informed client makes better decisions so think of this information as pre-counseling. Would you prefer your clients and customers learned about the market from the newspaper or local television?

I also use a snapshot of the market statistics (mini-infographic) to share on social media and my website. It is a great conversation starter and reminds people that you are an expert.

4. Reports

People love to read short reports on topics that interest them. Some of my most popular reports have been: How to Beat the Nashville Real Estate Market, 4 Keys to Remarkable Real Estate Negotiations, and 3 Keys to Effectively Marketing Your Home. Discover what interests your clients by listening to their questions. Answer those questions for everyone else in a report that you can send to your clients and post on your website.

5. Local Real Estate News

If your area is growing, most people want to know what is being built for both residential and commercial. Most of the time, we hear about these things and never report on them. Write a short note or clip and article from the paper to send to your clients and customers. They will appreciate that you knew what was happening and that you thought to inform them.

6. Regulatory News in Real Estate
Are rates expected to increase? Any changes in law that could affect property values? Changes in homeowner’s insurance coverage or flood maps? Most homeowners never hear about potential bad news until it is too late. Be on the cutting edge by sending them this information early. If you really want to impress them, send steps that they can take to protect their position. This is one area where you can set yourself apart, as most of your competition is not sending this information.

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7. Tell a Hero’s Journey Story or Cautionary Tale
People need to know that you can help them. So tell a story of how you helped a client succeed in real estate. Or tell a cautionary tale so they can learn from the mistakes of others. The Hero’s Journey is a story pattern that has been used in hundreds of books and movies. Learn about patterns to help you develop a great story that connects with your clients.

8. How to Challenge Property Tax Assessments
Is it property tax time? If so, put together the information necessary to challenge their tax assessment. This would include helpful hints, the people to contact, the steps to take and any deadlines that someone would need to hit to be successful. If you can save your clients and customers money, they will rarely forget about you.

9. Homeowner Advice to Maintaining Property
As we move through the year, specific tasks need to be completed to properly maintain your home. Sending this information as the seasons change is a great reminder of your expertise and that you care about maintaining home value.

10. Cost vs. Value Report
Every year, Remodeling Magazine in conjunction with NAR completes its Cost vs. Value Report. This report outlines the effect that home improvements have on the value of the home. Sending highlights or copies of the report can help your clients make the best decisions when improving their home. Most people plan to complete these projects in the spring or fall, so send your information at the right time.

11. Entertaining/Funny Story
An entertaining or funny story about you is a great way to let people see behind the scenes and get to know you. If you do not have a funny story about yourself, then possibly you can share a funny story about something that you have in common with your clients or some value that you want to express. Letting them get to know you better is a great way to draw your clients and customers closer to you.

12. Information on new local services
Is there a new local service or business that your clients would find helpful? If so, talk to the owner and write a story about their new business. Make sure the owner knows that you will be sharing this with your clients and/or publishing on your blog. Most business owners will reciprocate when you send new business their way.

13. Special Deals from Business Partners
Partnering with other business owners is a great way to grow your own business. This is the foundation of many networking groups like BNI. However, you do not have to join a networking group if you want to do the same. Write a review of a local business and include a special deal from the owner. Send the review and deal to your clients and use it to leverage referrals from your business partner.

14. Magazine Subscription
We have a prominent magazine in town called Nashville Lifestyles. The magazine focuses on the top stories, events, restaurants and people who live in Nashville. This magazine is great for people who are new to town or those who like to experience all that is Nashville. This magazine has an amazing rate for Realtors. For $10, they will send a gift card and an annual subscription (11 issues) to your clients. The monthly issues all have a reminder of who gave the gift. Find a similar magazine in your area and work out a deal.

15. Invitation to an event, lunch or just coffee
I try to have lunch once per week with one of my past clients or potential customers. The focus of the lunch is not business, but my guests typically ask about the market. Thinking Bigger? Some agents like to rent out a local theater on Saturday morning and have a family day. Design your event around your client base. Others just like to meet folks for coffee. Whatever your budget, send an invitation to your clients and customers where you can give something back while meeting them face to face.

16. Anniversary Card
I know you have heard this before, but how many have implemented it? Send an anniversary card to your clients based on the date they purchased the home. It is another great opportunity to say thank you for past business and a reminder of who they will want to use next time. You can also set up alert for potential clients on the web, Facebook and Linked In. Birthdays, promotions and exciting news are great reasons for sending your clients a thoughtful card or letter. If you send anything by snail mail, make sure it is handwritten.

17. E-Books or Comprehensive Guides
If you have written several reports for your clients and customers, one idea is to combine the reports into an e-book. For example, you could combine the reports you created to develop “The Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Nashville Home.” This e-book can be shared in print or electronically with your clients. You could also offer this guide on a Landing Page to get contact information for Prospective Sellers.

18. Your Market Predictions
Do you have market expectations for the rest of the year? Or next year? If so, share these expectations with your clients and customers. When done correctly, this really gives you a chance to show your market knowledge and positions you as a thought leader. Very few real estate professionals share their “insider knowledge” of the market. Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you make bold predictions, just share your experience, your knowledge and your expectations.

19. Handwritten Letter or Small Gifts
Show your appreciation and thoughtfulness by sending a handwritten letter or small gift to your clients and customers. No one handwrites these days, so this is an excellent opportunity to stand out among your peers. I typically stay away from promotional products as small gifts because I want to create a bigger impact by not being promotional. In the past we have mailed small packages of seeds to prospective clients with and inspiring message in the spring time. We have also delivered pumpkins with a small note in early October to an area that we were farming. For past clients, we have randomly personally delivered a bottle of wine or flowers. The cost of the gifts is not important. However, make sure your appreciation and authenticity shine through.

20. Home Value Report
All homeowners are interested in the value of their home. With Home Value Leads, you can set up monthly emails with the client’s home value and any recent sales/ listings in this neighborhood. These emails are sent automatically to make it easy for you. These reports are some of the highest value items that you can send to a client and will position you as their expert on Real Estate.

As a mentor or customer, I would not expect that you do all twenty things on this list for your clients. However, I would challenge you to pick out a few of these to add to your current efforts and create a monthly plan to keep in contact throughout the year.

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